We are involved in manufacturing and supplying of good quality Solvent

White Spirit

Our White Spirit is a specialty kerosene grade with good evaporation and solvency characteristics. White spirit is produced with an aromatic content providing good solvency, whereas is a de-aromatized grade providing flexibility where a lower aromatic content is needed. White Spirit supplied primarily into paints, cleaning products, timber treatment, and degreasing applications.

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White Spirit High Flash

It is used traditionally in decorative gloss paints, lacquers, varnishes, and is also used in alkyd resin production.GCIR offers a medium and higher flash product, both of which have a more agreeable odor, than that found in many grades available on the market.

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Special Boiling Point Solvent

Special Boiling Point Solvents are necessary to manufacture various chemicals. We deal with processes like manufacturing, exporting and supply of industrial compounds . The industrial process followed for obtaining Special Boiling Point Solvents is safe with no hazards.As per the demands of the customers, we provide a varied amount of Special Boiling Point Solvents. We provide the containers of Special Boiling Point Solvents to our customers at market prices.

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Drycleaning Solvent

Dry Cleaning solvent is a very special and traditional petroleum based solvents with mild odor, it belongs to white spirit family , used in the textile industry for color printing of fabrics, in laundries for stain removals, shoe and floor polishes, and for metal degreasing. GCIR produces it as per market needs and is transported to the customers both as bulk & in drums packaging.

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Aromatic Solvent LIGHT

Aromatic solvent oil is one of the five major types of petroleum products. Solvent oil has a wide range of uses. Consumption of the largest amount of paint solvent oil account for about half. Aromatic hydrocarbon, usually a hydrocarbon containing the benzene ring in a molecule.

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Aromatic Solvent Heavy

Aromatic solvent heavy mainly belongs to the family of aromatic hydrocarbon having high flash points, it is a long chain hydrocarbon and is widely used as a blending component for wide range of petroleum based products, GCIR produces it is a single train operation as per customer requirement, it is mainly exported to GCC countries in bulk deliveries.

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