Gulf Chemicals and Industrial Oils Co. is one of the largest manufacturers of different grades of Alkyd Resins, Emulsions, Saturated and Unsaturated Polyesters, Special oils like, Drilling oil, Transformer oil, White oil & Hydrocarbon Solvents like: White Spirit and Odourless White Spirit. The Company supplies its products almost to all manufacturers of Paints, Resins, Fiberglass industries, Pipe Coating, Boats, Petrol tanks, Construction Chemicals, Industrial Degreasers, Inks, Insecticides, Aerosols, Drilling Companies & Bitumen based products in and around the G.C.C Countries along with a major share in Lebanon, South Africa & Srilanka.

It is worth to mention that in the year 1984 SAUDI INDUSTRIAL SOLVENTS CO. (SISCO) started producing Hydrocarbon Solvents and Special Oils. In the Year 1994 GULF CHEMICALS & INDUSTRIAL OILS CO. was established and started producing Alkyd Resins, Polyesters & Emulsions.

Beginning of the Year 2002 SISCO has been merged with the Sister Company under the name of GULF CHEMICALS & INDUSTRIAL OILS CO.


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